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The German Shepherd Dog originated in Germany in the late 1800’s primarily due to the work of Max v. Stephanitz. He created the German Shepherd Dog as a working dog. With it’s superior intelligence, strength and speed, the German Shepherd Dog has excelled in many working capacities including, Herding, Police and Military, SAR, Guide Dogs, and Personal Protection. The German Shepherd Dog should not be bred for looks alone, in doing so breeders are diminishing the strengths of the German Shepherd.

Selten Ruhe Kennels, llc is a small German Shepherd breeder located in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, conveniently located between Beaver Dam and Waupun. We have West German Show and Herding line German Shepherds  chosen for breeding due to their stable minds, working ability and sound bodies. With over 25 years of theriogenetic experience, we have the knowledge needed to understand pedigrees and what the outcome of crossing lines should bring. Using lines that have extensive histories and fully health tested, helps ensure the our german shepherd puppies, will be as planned.

Our German Shepherd puppies have excelled in Schutzhund, Herding, SAR, therapy work, as medical assistance dogs, family pets and obedience competition. We are committed to our German Shepherds and progeny for their life.
Mission Statement: Selten Ruhe Kennels, llc mission is to produce German Shepherd Dogs that improve the breed in both health and temperament. Making available to the average pet owner a confident and healthy dog. To make available to law enforcement agencies and personnel a canine capable of the mental and physical demands of employment. To support our owners through education and service and to support each and every puppy we produce for their entire life.

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