BOARD & TRAIN for All Breeds  Ian Dunbar Dog Training

Selten Ruhe Kennels understands that many people are very busy with jobs and families, so they do not have time to properly train their dog or attend obedience classes on a regular basis. We offer Board & Train obedience dog training in order to help those families be able to have a well behaved dog regardless of their schedule.

We follow the Humane Hierarchy as adopted by the CCPDT, training with positive reinforcement and has proven to be very successful at helping dogs reliably learn basic commands and manners. It is necessary to follow up the training with the tips and techniques taught to you when picking up your dog, from Board and Train, to help the dog know that these manners are required at home also.

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Board & Train obedience training is a 4 week program where your dog stays with us at Selten Ruhe Kennels for training. We train basic manners with an emphasis on proofing 3 priority behaviors you choose.

Behaviors are taught, than proofed with varying distractions:

Heeling, Recalls, Sit, Down, Stay, Loose Leash Walking and Greeting friendly dogs and strangers with manners, noise desensitization, and modify leash reactivity

Fearful dogs are not good candidates for board & train, without first attending a few one-on-one private lessons to help your dog feel comfortable with us and our environment. If your dog is fearful contact us to discuss other options of desensitization and counter-conditioning fear responses.

Your dog must be current on all vaccinations and have a clean fecal sample (including additional Giardia test) dated within 14 days of dropping him off for Board & Train.

Your dog can not be on any medication without prior approval.

Cost starts at $350 per week.

Advanced Board & Train

We offer advanced Board & Train for customers that would like to have their dog titled in AKC Obedience or Rally-O. This is a long term commitment with Selten Ruhe Kennels.

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