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Selten Ruhe Kennels, is Dodge County's only dog training facility that offers positive reinforcement obedience training, puppy socialization and behavior modification services.

Selten Ruhe Kennels has Certified Trainers with over 20 years of hands on training experience, with all breeds. Our positive reinforcement training, can help your puppy become a well-mannered family member, a competition dog or even a special needs assistance dog.

We specialize in puppy and adolescent development and behavior modification. Dog training has been our passion for 25 years, we have taken the time to study behavior both in school and under some of the most influential trainers of today. We have experienced many different methods and genres of dog training: SAR, IPO, Service Dogs, Competition Obedience, Narcotics Detection, Sled Dogs, Pet Dog Training.

Our methods of dog training, will help you to gain and keep your dogs focus under all distractions, teach your dog what behaviors are most important to you, and allow you and your dog to have a long and happy relationship. We can help you achieve your goals, no matter how high. Call us today!

We offer:

Private Lessons for creating a wonderful working relationship between you and your canine companion

Board & Train for those who want assistance, to have us lay the foundation of new behaviors

Contact us Today to start your journey to a well behaved, stress free canine companion.

Master trainer: Natasha Schmidt, CPDT-KA
Apprentice trainer: Mitch Schmidt

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