V78 (BSZS) Fritz von Babylon, IPO2

hips ´fast normal´, elbows ´normal

ZW 91,  Körkl. 1 , BSZS 2015: V78 (courage test 4-5)

Sire: V3 Pacco vom Langenbungert, IPO3

Dame: V Zambi von Babylon, SchH1

Fritz von Babylon, is a fantastic representation of the breed. With outstanding temperament and awesome social behavior.

Fritz von Babylon Fritz von Babylon Fritz von Babylon








Follow this link to watch a video of Fritz von Babylon at the 2015 BSZS, he is V78 back tag number 1207, Fritz starts at time, 5:32 - VIDEO

Fritz, has a strong, old style German Shepherd temperament: sure, sound and very dedicated to one person. He is calm in the house and during down time, with a strong willingness to work and join in the activities of his human. He is independent enough to handle time alone and problem solving, but prefers to be at your side. Fritz enjoys playtime with both people and other dogs, can take or leave the sheep but enjoys doing chores with us. He loves to go with us to town and is very social, even learning to enjoy, Avery, our cat.

We imported Fritz von Babylon, from Germany, at 3 years old and he took about 1 week to fully settle into our house/farm/routine, he attached himself immediately to Mitch and adjusted to house living without a single issue. He has been a blessing, thank you, Friedhelm and Dieter!

Fritz' movement and structure is phenomenal! von Babylon did an outstanding job in both producing and raising such a wonderful representation of this majestic breed. We look forward to further Fritz' show and IPO career here in the US.