German Shepherd Puppies at Selten Ruhe Kennels: 

We have German Shepherd puppies available occasionally, for pet, working and show homes. We will list below, available and/or planned puppies.

German Shepherd Puppies:

 Litters expected for 2018

Timbo x Elli via Frozen Semen - This litter will be placed in Show/Working homes 

Fritz x Ursala

Fritz x Quarta 

Please continue to read below for important information about purchasing and raising German Shepherd Puppies. 

German Shepherd Dog's according to standard and a century of careful breeding and selection, are to be aloof and protect their flock. They are not bred to love everyone. They are also working dogs, this means they have problem solving skills and drive. They are not couch potatoes or "it's okay if it's too cold out, I don't need any exercise", dogs. If you must have a German Shepherd breed, but demand he welcomes anyone into his home, allows them to cuddle with him and enter his personal space, and lay around until you have time to give him proper mental and physical exercise, please purchase your GSD from this link: germanshepherd

*We take great pride in how we raise our German Shepherd Puppies. We train every puppy to use a toilet area, basic manners and socialize them extensively. The first 8 weeks of a dog's life is a critical time for learning and socializing. They are handled from birth, learn to take cues from people, socialized with people of all ages and genders, and of course taught how to potty in appropriate areas. Allowing 3 - 8 week old puppies, to potty anywhere makes it more difficult for you the owner, to house train. All puppies still need to be watched closely and taught where your potty area is, but by teaching them there is a right and wrong place to potty at 3-4 weeks old, your job is much easier.

Our puppies will go home at 8 weeks old. We do not recommend waiting until the pup is older before picking your puppy up. Extensive research has been done by some of the leading industry experts on the best time for a puppy to move to his new home. Follow Dr. Ian Dunbar for more information on the studies. The ideal age is 8 weeks. This gives you 4 weeks of their remaining optimal socialization period for the puppy to adapt and learn your family and environments.

Here at Selten Ruhe Kennels, we keep all puppies with their littermates and mother until they go home, while giving them ample one on one time to help them learn how to be alone. This gives them the most poteintial for learning dog-dog manners and bite inhibition. Mom's can wean them at their will, but not drinking from mom, does not mean they should be separated from mom. Mom's teach puppies awesome manners, appropriate play styles and help ensure they learn to be calm and emotionally stable.

Selten Ruhe Kennels chooses to breed a litter when we have an interest in keeping a German Shepherd puppy for ourselves or when we have enough qualified homes waiting for a German Shepherd puppy. A lot of thought and study goes into choosing our breeding partners. We breed solely for the purpose of creating dogs that will carry on or improve our line of dogs that have exceptional temperaments and health. They are bred to standard and to achieve our ideal of the perfect German Shepherd Dog. We do not breed for "rare" traits or fads. The integrity of our breeding practices have proven to produce outstanding animals for show, work and family homes.

All of our German Shepherd Puppies will be black and red with the traditional saddle unless otherwise noted. We will have both stock coats and long coats in some litters with a majority of the pups having stock coats.

Occasionally, Selten Ruhe Kennels has German Shepherd puppies that, regardless of deposits, requires a working home only. When this arises, Selten Ruhe Kennels llc, reserves the right to refuse placement into a pet home. Since this can not be determined before 6-7 weeks of age, it is not possible to inform potential homes of this before the German Shepherd puppies reach this age.

Before inquiring about German Shepherd puppies from Selten Ruhe Kennels, please make sure you have given much thought on the time and dedication it takes to raise a sound dog. Puppies need socialization, rules and healthy relationships with as many people and other animals as possible.

The number one reason for surrendering dogs is lack of training. Dogs are social beings that require interaction, exercise and mental stimulation. They also require owners that care enough to recognize and stop bad behavior before it escalates into something more than they care to handle.  Although possible to modify a dog’s behavior once a poor behavior has become habituated, it is very labor intensive.  

Our German Shepherd puppies are looking for loving, forever homes that recognize that they are adopting a family member and that like all family members they have their own personalities and needs. Your new family member will not be just like your last dog, your neighbor’s dog, or Rin Tin Tin (unless you dedicate hundreds of hours training him to be, as Rin Tin Tin’s trainers did).

By purchasing a dog from Selten Ruhe Kennels, you are making a commitment, for the life of the dog, to provide proper vet care, food, socialization and training necessary to raise a physically and mentally sound dog and for any needs that arise in his/her life. We are doing our part to ensure, that genetically, you will start with some of the best German Shepherd lines available for sound minds and bodies, the rest is up to you. ^^
All of our German Shepherd puppies are AKC registered, well socialized, dewormed, tattooed and given first shots. Our parents are all OFA certified or A stamped (German’s hip certification), DM tested and have wonderful temperaments.

****Picks will be made by Selten Ruhe Kennels. We will ask a series of questions to best understand what you are looking for in your German Shepherd and your experiences, based on this information we will choose which puppy best meets your needs and environment. Picks are not made until 6 weeks old and puppies can go home at 8 weeks. 

We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy. Please contact Selten Ruhe Kennels before sending in a deposit to ensure availability of each litter. Contact us for a copy of our Sales Contract/Guarantee. When reserving a puppy this must accompany your deposit.

Shipping is available through United/Continental Airlines only.

Please keep in mind that German Shepherd Puppies are a working breed dog with a protective instinct. Although some litters will have more working drive than others, all puppies will require patience, strict rules, massive amounts of socialization and stimulating interaction to allow them to grow into well-mannered and confident adults! For those local enough to attend training at our facility, please talk to us about training opportunities.

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When Visiting Selten Ruhe Kennels we ask that you follow these guidelines for the health and safety of the puppies:

  • Do not visit another kennel or pet store the same day before you visit us
  • Do not visit if you have been in contact with a sick dog in the last 72 hours
  • Do not bring any animals with you
  • We do not allow children to pick up or hold the puppies unless they are sitting on the ground