Trained German Shepherds Adults or Adolescents Available

For those who prefer to guarantee they get a Trained German Shepherd dog that possesses specific traits, whether conformation or temperament, this can be a preferred method of acquiring your competition dog or family companion.

Puppies are hard work and here at Selten Ruhe Kennels, we understand that not everyone wants to start with a puppy. For those who prefer to start with an adolescent or adult Trained German Shepherd, we occasionally have some available for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, clients have to give up dogs due to job or living arrangements and occasionally we have a dog that may fail our strict requirements to be used in our breeding program. Regardless of the reason, we do our best to match them with wonderful forever homes.

All Trained German Shepherd Adults will be temperament tested and full disclosure of any health and behavior issues will always be given. Training is offered to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new family member. It is our mission to ensure that all dogs find a loving forever family.

If we have any Trained German Shepherd adults available they will be listed on this page. Make sure to check back often or contact us to be put on a wait list if you are only interested in adolescents or adults.

Pricing depends on reason for availability and level of training. Some Trained German Shepherds are ready for competition.

Please Contact us for Availability!


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Pictured below are a couple Trained German Shepherds previously sold as adults, by Selten Ruhe Kennels:

Trained German Shepherd
Yuma with her new family
Trained German Shepherd Selten Ruhe Kennels