Private Dog Training Lessons

Private dog training lessons, at Selten Ruhe Kennels, are available for Obedience, Tracking, Socialization and Behavior Modification.

Private dog training lessons are a great way to jump start training, work on dogs that show reactivity to other dogs and/or people, train specific behaviors that are not taught in a classroom setting, and to prepare your shy/fearful dog for Board & Train.

We have spent years studying then specializing in puppy and adolescent development. We recommend private lessons for any puppy or young dog that needs remedial socialization, this time spent will help your dog for years to come.

Since the majority of dogs are not emotionally able to handle a classroom environment without being extremely over threshold, most of our training is done individually. We use our own dogs as distractions dogs when our client's dog is ready for that level of distraction. This is helpful for many reasons: we know how our dogs will respond and therefore can help control the environment, and our dog's will not add to your dog's stress by displaying inappropriate behavior.

During your private dog training lessons, we will instruct you on how to:

Properly socialize your dog,

Proper methods of behavior modification

Gaining and keeping your dog's focus under all distractions

Proper methods for getting the behaviors you want your dog to learn

It is your job, to practice these lessons, at home. Your success is dependent on you implementing and practicing what we teach you. 

Sessions are 50 minutes.

Cost is $30 per session

Private Dog Training Lessons Package Deal: Purchase 6 sessions for $160*

*can not be used for prior sessions, *all sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase date, if not, purchaser forfeits monies paid and free session

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Private Dog Training Lessons
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