V Timbo vom Kirschental, HGH, SchH1

RIP Timbo
Hips: "a"1 Elbows: "a" normal
Show Rating: V at the BSZS

Sire: VA3 Esko vom Danischen Hof
Dam: V Aische vom Kirschental

Timbo vom Kirschental, passed away at just shy of 12 years old. He lived a long and healthy life. He started out living with a loving family in Germany and working hundreds of sheep, then came to us when he was 3 years old. Here he loved to work on the farm, with the pigs. He had quite the learning curve going from sheep to pigs. He adjusted beautifully. He hated being left home. He accompanied us and many trips, including traveling basketball games and family reunions in Michigan.

Timbo vom Kirschental, was a herding dog, certified Therapy Dog and resident King. He taught puppies in a fair manner how to play with the big dogs. He had an outstanding temperament, and absolutely loved everyone.

Timbo vom Kischental, was an outstanding representative of his breed. He produced puppies that excelled in SAR, Schutzhund, Service Dog, Therapy Dog and Family Companions, and they looked great while doing it. His progeny has the strong temperament and courage you should expect in a German Shepherd Dog.


Timbo vom Kirschental
Look at that face!
Timbo vom Kirschental

Timbo and Uncle Ernie and Seth taking a break