Ursala vom Selten Ruhe, ppd

hips/elbows: normal

Dam: Utarra vom Selten Ruhe

Sire: Oscar vom Selten Ruhe, ppd

Ursala vom Selten Ruhe Ursala vom Selten Ruhe

Ursala vom Selten Ruhe

Ursala vom Selten Ruhe, better known as Sally, is a young, balanced female. She tends to the lambs in the lambing barn, she helps get lambs and new ewes acclimated with dogs. She is gentle with the livestock, intelligent to assist in managing lambs and helping them to avoid trouble, yet a highly adept personal protection dog. 

Having been blessed to share our lives with 3 of Ursala vom Selten Ruhe's grandparents, we are confident in what Sally will produce. Sally brings to the German Shepherd Dog breed, a quiet confidence, desire to work and to please, and an ability to bond not only with her charges, but with her family as well. She is awesome pigment, great bone and a structure more typical of the old German lines.