Utarra vom Selten Ruhe our Daughter out of

Timbo vom Kirschental

Hips and Elbows: "a" normal, zw 77

Sire: V Timbo vom Kirschental, HGH, SchH1
Dam: Ava von Steinig Tal, BH

Kirschental puppy
Utarra enjoying the snow
Utarra movement shot
Kirschental puppy
Utarra's focus








Utarra is a confident and beautiful female who enjoys doing everything. She is just as eager to work as she is to play. She is very sound in both mind and body. She produces progeny that excel in competition, SAR, IPO and as wonderful family members in active family homes. She is an exact replica of her father, Timbo vom Kirschental, in temperament and type. You can find Timbo's pedigree on pedigree database by clicking his name in Sire heading above.

Utarra is as comfortable sitting with my nieces and nephews as she is helping us move our flock of sheep. Like typical, of the old Kirschental lines, she is extremely intelligent, has awesome problem solving skills and a wonder "off" switch in the house. Her desire to learn and willingness to repeat obedience as a demo dog, which gets pretty boring for advanced dogs, is a wonderful attribute.

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Kirschental puppies
Utarra's outstanding litter of German Shepherd Puppies at Selten Ruhe Kennels